Micro Maestro 6 channel for moving an action figure

Hi everyone,

I am new to this forum.
I just received a Micro Maestro with 4 mini servos in the mail.
I intend to use the to move the head and arm of a 1/6 scale pilot I will have in the cockpit of a 1/6 scale F4U-1A Corsair.
The Corsair is remote controlled and I want the pilot to look around in the cockpit and look around outside, while he moves the stick and throttle.
I have used the programmable servo controller Wizard before, but it is programmed totally different than the controllers from Pololu.
With the Wizard you record the movements and then it plays them back.

The last time I programmed was in Turbo Pascall almost 18 years ago and before that in assembly on a BBC Master almost 25 years ago, but all that knowledge is long gone.

Does anyone have any sample programs to move my pilot?
I am using 2 servos for the head (up-down and left-right) and 1 servo for each arm.



I recommend that you try out the sequencing features of the Micro Maestro. Basically, you use the Control Center to put the servos into a configuration you like, then click “save frame”. Do that a few times and you will have a sequence available in the Sequence tab. You can either play it from the computer or save it permanently to a script on the Maestro.

To make smoother sequences, try experimenting with acceleration and speed limits on the channels.

Good luck! We would love to see a video if you make progress on this project!


Hello Paul,

Thanks for the tip, using the sequencer sounds similar to how I’m used to program a wizard card.