Micro Maestro 6-Channel Controller and Keypad?

I am using a Micro Maestro 6-Channel USB Servo Controller (Assembled). I want to control some servos but I wondered if there is a way this can be connected with a keypad (for example something like this playground.arduino.cc/uploads/Ma … iagram.png that belongs to Arduino though) or something to accept user input. User manual refers connection with button/switch, potensiometer or LED but if I could use a keypad (for example press 1 to control this servo, 2 for that etc.) I would have a much more easy task.
Thank you


You might consider using the Maestro in combination with an Arduino microcontroller, if you want to use a keypad like the one you referred to.

Alternatively, the Maestro can use any input channel to read a 0V to 5V input, so as long as your keypad or button can be used to apply this input, it can be used directly with the Maestro. Keep in mind that, unless you get creative, each input typically requires its own channel on the Maestro, so a 6 channel Maestro is limited to a relatively small number of inputs and outputs.


Thanks for your reply. Truth is I don’t want to involve Arduino in this. Is there any keypad like that you refer? Because I haven’t find something so far :frowning: Thank you

Parallax carries a 4x4 matrix membrane keypad. However, in order to use all 16 keys, you would need to use 8 channels on your Maestro. Depending on how many keys you need to use, you might need to upgrade to a Maestro that has channels. Also, it might require some extra code to poll the pins, since it uses a matrix configuration.


So, if I use a Mini Maestro 12-Channel USB Servo Controller (Assembled), I will have to use 8 channels of the signal channel column (of pic pololu.com/picture/view/0J2341 for example), right!? But my problem is that I can’t use 8 channels in a row because it comes as channel 0-5 and channel 7-11. Ty

You can use any of the channels you choose; all twelve of them should work for your application. If you wanted to connect the keypad to the first 8 channels of the Maestro, you can connect them to channels 0 to 7.

It sounds like the gap between the pins is what concerns you. The gap is between channel 5 and channel 6 and is not counted as one of the 12 channels of the Maestro. This gap is to allow for the option of cutting the trace to the power bus, allowing you to power peripherals with different power supplies, It also allows you access to the ground rail, power rail, and 5V regulated output from the Maestro. If you do not need to use any of these features, you can just ignore the gap.


Thanks for your reply. You are right, that gap concerned me and I thought, as I have ordered the keypad that it wouldn’t fit to the channels 0-7 due to the space between channel 5 and 6 :smiley: