Micro maestro 6 ch usb with VSA Please Help!

Good day, I have a Question
I have a plan to make an audio track activate my servos with the maestro 6ch USB servo controller using VSA ,I would like to do this for Halloween if I can get it to work , I can take the time and script the servos with the control center provided by pololu but when it repeats there could be a 1 or 2 second delay with the mp3 player and it off sets the sync , Now some links and other sources told me that you can use mini maestro with VSA, OK here’s what I got, I set up the servos in VSA in the setting panel as, Minissc servo, setup the port to com 4, set Start and Stop for the servo, open audio track and then Wave Motion Analysis works A1 when I play the track it shows the green light flashing as if it were sending the correct info but no servos will move, I dont know if theres a setting in the program or a wire I have to Jumper on the Servo Controller board or if its even possible.

If there is someone out there can help me out Please and Thank you,
I have used up my resources and drove myself nuts trying to figure it out
Please Someone help me or if there is another program that someone else knows I can sync the servo controller with A mp3 or make a script myself with audio incorporated in a script

Thanks for reading


Have your read the General Advice For Getting Help? You should not be mentioning playing music at all at this point, unless you already have it working without the music. Other than that, it sounds like you are asking us to debug your code and configuration without giving us any information about either one! (Are you even writing code? What is “VSA”?)

I recommend that you first verify that you can move servos with the Maestro Control Center, make sure you have configured the Maestro for serial communication in Dual-Port Mode, explain how you picked COM4, try our Serial Transmitter, then simplify your code as much as possible and see if it works.


Good day ,
I have read just about every page that was link on your website to the maestro 6ch USB and any other page that I found on Google, In the Maestro Control Center I have all the servos working and can save frame by frame to make a track so to speak,I am trying to sync that with Audio,I have browsed around Youtube and a large number of websites and have found a program called ,Visual Show Automation, It converts audio to a wave pitch and copy’s the wave pitch and operates on the peaks of the audio then sends the signal from that pitch to move the servos, In the program for the settings you can pick what type of application you wish to have for an output signal ,this might explain it a little better brookshiresoftware.com/vsa_c … ations.htm , as far as writing a code I don’t think that’s what I’m trying to do,

Thanks for the quick reply and hope this makes a clear picture for you on what I’m trying to do


Yes, that is much clearer - that program will probably work for you. You still have not given us any specifics about what you have done so far, and I still recommend that you do what I said in my first post. Please let me know what happens at each step so that I can figure out what you are doing wrong!


List of what i have tried

  1. open program VSA and follow there getting started guide, Open Settings -> Invert settings-> Select channels 0-6->MiniScc servo as selected type ->tried numerous settings with the +and- value and default setting-> create highlighted area in servo 0 area to adjust start stop positions Servo ranges ->add audio track check settings of audio then add-> select wave motion analysis check settings for event scale min max etc… tried numerous min max and so forth-> Press play and watch your progress come to life.

everything is playing fine showing the bars of the highs and lows as it should on the Pololu board green light by USB plugin is flashing as it were recieving information like as soon as you open Maestro Control Center i have tried different settings as other users have put up or displayed for other applications, I cant understand it 100% but if someone has used this program and might know where I am coming from if theres a setting that might need to be enabled or something like that, I am new at this I might not understand what im doing properly but I keep trying
Thanks for reading and the quick responce


Like I said, I recommend that you:

  1. verify that you can move servos with the Maestro Control Center
  2. make sure you have configured the Maestro for serial communication in Dual-Port Mode
  3. explain how you picked COM4
  4. try our Serial Transmitter
  5. simplfy your program as much as possible (e.g. remove the music) and try it again

If you do not want follow these steps, I cannot help you. If you do try them, you can tell me which step you get stuck at, and I can help you through it.

In the maestro control center the servos work fine, as soon as the program opens the green light on the board flashes, like a constant communication to the board from the program, when I close the maestro program and use VSA in a routine it flashes similar as if it were opened in Maestro Control Center.

setting up dual port serial communication in the program Maestro control center is been completed does the setting save after close the app? or should the app remain open while I’m trying to use VSA?

Com 4 is in the setting tab to configure the servos in the first step,you can select com1 com2 com3 com 4 com5 or lpt1.

Serial transmitter ? what options would that make for me?

and the audio is what the open and close commands for the servos from what I collect
please ask more questions, I would like to figure this out so I can Have a Greeting Skeleton for the kids on Halloween. thanks for the quick reply once again


You need to click “apply settings” to put the settings on your Maestro. Please make sure it is configured in Dual-Port mode. Nothing changes when you quit, but please leave the Maestro Control Center open so that you can watch what the servo positions are doing and monitor any errors.

Next, identify the port that is Maestro’s “Command Port” from your computer’s device manager. Do you know how to find it? Just picking COM4 randomly is not likely to work.

Then open up the Pololu Serial Transmitter, choose that port, and send a Mini SSC command. For example, 255, 2, 0 should send servo 2 to its 8-bit minimum, which will be about 1000us (unless you have changed the 8-bit settings).