Micro Dual Serial Motor Controller SMC02B

I am trying to supply 2 amps to my motor however, I am not having any luck. I have measured the voltage accros both motor terminals and one of them is reading 0. While the other one seems to be correct. Does anyone know why this may be happening. Right now i have the thing set in single motor mode i think. this is the code i have used to initiate single motor mode.

     unsigned char s[3];
     s[0] = 0x80;
     s[1] = 0x02;
     s[2] = 63;
     SendPacket(s, 3);

is this correct just for configuring the motor controller in single motor mode?if not what shoulod i specifically do?


It seems like you’re again starting a new topic for an ongoing issue, which is annoying because it puts me in the position of repeating myself or having to go look for the other threads to see what we already covered.

The third byte is not correct. It needs to be 64 (decimal) or higher since bit 6 needs to be set.

- Jan