Micro Dual Serial Motor Controller: problem with configuration

I have just started using the SMC02B controller with my PIC system.

I’m using a 16F877 in the bootloader mode.

I have a problem with the Change config command.
I send " Serout port d.0,84,[128,2,68] " Acording to the manual (P7) I should see an LED attatched to pin
8 flash 5 times. My problem is that it’s the LED on pin 9 flashing. It’s important as I read on P5 that the controller can be damaged if set for single motor mode. What am I doing wrong?



Nobody noticed your question because it was posted at the end of an unrelated topic. I have split it out into a new topic for you.



Are you still having the problem, and if so, can you see what happens when you send a configuration for two-motor mode?

- Jan