Metal Gearmotor broken in the inside. Any way to fix it? (URGENT!)

I have been using these motors for a project, and they’ve done the job right. But today one of them suddenly stopped working, I touched the motor and it felt like it was working on the inside, like the torque is broken. I really do not have time to order and wait for a new one to arrive, so is there any way to fix it my myself?

-A desperate person :c


From what you described, it sounds like the motor is spinning but the output shaft of the gearbox is not. If this is the case, something could have been damaged inside the gearbox. You could try opening the gearbox to see if you find what is causing the problem, but it is unlikely you would be able to fix it if there is a damaged or stripped gear.

If you need to order a replacement and you are in a hurry, you could select a rushed shipping method to get the motor faster. As long as you place the order before 2:00 PM Pacific Time on a business day, your order will ship the same day. If you are in a different country, you might try seeing if one of our distributors near you carries a replacement to try to reduce shipping time: