Melexis i2c to TTL?


We are a startup company working with aprox 500 Micro Maestro boards. We are trying to use the advantage of the TTL ports on the hardware. Are issue is interfacing our Melexis MLX90614 with the board. is this possible ? any advise would be great!! i attached a link to examples. … ermometer/


It looks like that Melexis MLX90614 sensor uses an SMBus protocol or a PWM output that would need to be decoded. If this is the case, the Maestro would not be compatible with this sensor directly. You would probably need a separate microcontroller to process the output of the sensor and send commands to the Maestro. It looks like the mbed page you linked to has some code for communicating with the sensor. We also have an application note about using a similar MLX90614ESF temperature sensor with our Orangutan Robot Controllers using the SMBus interface that might be helpful.