Measure current of a servo

I want to build a grabber with 2 servos. If it grab something the current will rise because the servos are more loaded. I want to measure this to stop the servos. So that they don’t destroy them.
Who can I do this ?

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We sell three types of current sensors here:

Would those sensors work for you? Unless you have big servos that can draw more than 5 A, I think this sensor would work the best for you:

What type of servo controller are you using? If you are using a Maestro, you could connect the analog output of these current sensors directly to a channel on the Maestro that is configured as an input.



The simplest thing to do is use a fuse that is between your servo’s power supply and the servo’s power input. If you wanted something more sophisticated you could use a current sensor or force sensor. Keep in mind that when the servos start they are going to quickly reach their stall current, so your program will have to have a timeout so it does not stop sending pulses right when the servo starts up. If you go the force sensor route, you might also be able to program your robot to pick up fragile objects.

- Ryan