MDSMC with bigger loads

Does anyone knows an H bridge diagram to control bigger loads (> 2A) with the MDSMC.


If you just want more current and not necessarily a higher voltage, then you can connect a larger H-bridge to the motor controller as if you were connecting a motor (i.e. the motor controller’s motor outputs go the H-bridge’s inputs). For voltages beyond the 9 V that the micro motor controller can handle, you could use our non-micro motor controller to run at up to 24 V, which is beyond the maximum gate-to-source voltage of most FETs. If you only need slightly over 2 A, you might consider using multiple H-bridge chips such as the TI SN754410 in parallel. You can even use our motor controller PCB and physically stack the motor drivers on top of each other.

If you’re making your own H-bridge, you might also consider getting our controller chip by itself. Make sure you know what you’re doing, though, as things can get dangerous as your currents and voltages start going up. Making your own H-bridges is not necessarily a beginner-level undertaking.

- Jan