MC33926 Motor Driver Carrier Alternative Wiring


I’m attempting to use the MC33926 carrier to drive my inverted pendulum project. I went with the single driver to cut down on costs since I’m only running one motor. I’ve been reading through the datasheet and the forum concerning this motor driver, but I’m having trouble making sense of all of it. I’d like to use one of the two wire configurations to control my motor to cut down on pin usage and to simplify my code. Are there any downsides to using one of the two wire control configurations versus the standard wiring (i.e. IN1 and IN2 for direction and one of the disable pins for pwm)? Could someone please clarify the two pin control using either IN1 and IN2 or using INV and one of the disable pins? I’m confused about what needs to be set to what to get these alternate configurations working.

Thanks in advance!


Hi, Josh.

If you are not picky about how your H-bridge is driven, then two wire control is fine. It results in a drive-coast control, which does not have as linear of a correspondence between duty cycle and motor current as drive-brake control does. You can look at the MC33926 driver truth table on page 16 of the datasheet to see what different control schemes get you.

- Ryan