MC33926 Motor controller

I am having an issue that I am not sure about. It seems that the VDD on my robot is 3.3V and not 5 volts. I am wondering if that can be changed to be 5VDC? I have no idea where the 3.3V comes from.

I am using the 6 V high-power, carbon brushes (HPCB) 1600 mA motors and the Magnetic Encoder Kit.

I think I need 5 Volts, because I am trying to use a PING))) sensor and it needs 5V. (or does it?) That’s how it is labeled.

I know there is a lot of configurations for this controller, so I am in no hurry to come up with a solution to this.

My Arduino is powered through the shield and I even went so far as to remove the power jack from the Arduino.

Thanks in advance,

Hello, Steve.

We noticed you also called and talked to us about your system. Over the phone it sounded like you figured out why you were not getting the voltages you were expecting. In general, for posts like this, it would help for you to identify the specific devices you are using (e.g. an Arduino UNO R3 and Dual MC33926 Motor Driver Shield for Arduino) and post pictures of your setup. Feel free to continue the dicussion here if you run into any other trouble with that project.