Maximum Frequency to step motor driver a4983

hello everyone

I bought an a4983 driver but I’m with a doubt,

what The frequency maximum that can I take steps?

according to the data sheet the minimum pulse period is 2 us (if i understand correctly) or 500KHz ,
but I’m not getting this

In the Maximum i got:

10kHz in 1/16,
and 500Hz in full step

if i put in full step more than 500hz the motor not work, and in 1/16 step if i put more than 10khz too.

Anybody know why ?

thanks for the help and sorry for bad english.


You are being limited by your stepper motor, not the stepper motor driver (there isn’t enough torque for your motor to respond fast enough to keep up with the rotating field). You might be able to increase your maximum step rate if you use a higher voltage, and you can probably achieve higher final step rates if you ramp up your speed slowly rather than just trying to start spinning at full speed from rest.

- Ben

Hello Ben

Thanks for your reply. i will try to do a ramp up the full speed , if don’t work i try to increase the voltage or change the steeper motor.

Thanks a lot

You should also make sure you adjust the current output to be as high as it can be without exceeding the rating for your stepper motor.

- Ben