Max14870 driver problem

Hi, i want to control a motor with an arduino uno and this driver, the problem is that i have connected all the connections as the schematic says, but it doesn’t work.
I supply the system with a 3s 11,1V lipo at VIN and GND driver pin, the DIR pin to a digital pin of arduino that control the 1 o 0 logic with 5v or 0v, the same with the PWM pin and the arduino ground also to gnd driver, i think the connections are correct, but why doesn´t work?, it seems that the driver is not supplying well. If you were so kind to answer I would be very grateful.


I am sorry you are having trouble getting your motor driver working. Can you post pictures here that show how you have everything connected, including any soldered joints you have made? What kind of motor are you using? Does it move at all?


The motor is this one:
I connected the wires as the picture of the web shows, but the motor doesnt move

i program this with arduino, 3 is PWM pin and 4 is the DIR pin

Hi, Nathan i have solved the problem, the current motor was more than the manufacturer write on the datasheet, it is 2,5A, so this driver is not compatible with my motor, thanks for his help.

Thanks for letting us know. We generally recommend using a motor driver that can supply the motor’s stall current continuously. The datasheet for your motor does not list a stall current and it is unclear what supply voltage the current ratings they provide are for, but one of our VNH5019 driver boards like the VNH5019 Motor Driver Carrier or Pololu Dual VNH5019 Motor Driver Shield for Arduino might be more appropriate for that motor.