Max servo signal wire length

Should I expect any issues running the signal wire from the mini maestro (24) to servos 5-6 feet away?

I read somewhere that distances over 24" were not recommenced, but it was for another product (VEX motor controller). Basically, I am building a motion control camera arm, the arm is 36" long and there will be 2 servos and 2 potentiometers at the head. For practical and technical reasons, I kinda have to keep the maestro at the base of the arm and account for rotation freedom, so around 60" should be long enough.

Will there be noise issues in the control signal and/or potentiometer feedback? Anything I should do to keep the signal as clean as possible (twisting, keeping cables separated, etc…?)




I haven’t tried using such long wires, so I can’t answer your question with much confidence, but I think the servo signals will probably be okay. I’m more worried about the power lines (assuming they are also 5’ long) and the feedback line. Twisting your cables and keeping power lines as far away from signal lines should help. If it is feasible to put your power supplies closer to your servos, you should do that. Otherwise, the next best thing you can do is use thicker wires.

- Ben


I have just tested a 50’-0” cable with no issues. I am using a 24 channel maestro controller and a switch running a servo. I had the cable between the switch and the card and between the card and motor both seem to work just fine.