Max rate to send/receive Serial commands

Can someone tell me a little more technical data as far as the Serial (USB Dual Port) is concerned for the Mico Maestro? What is the max speed I can send and receive commands? Approximately how long does it take to receive feed back from the Maestro if I request servo position before I can send the command again?

My script is set up in the way that I have 2 sub routines (no main routine) and I call these routines via the 0xa7 0x01 or 0xa7 0x00 commands. Once I send these commands I keep sending 0x90 0x01 after to determine when the servo has stopped.


Since you are using USB Dual Port mode the baud rate is not the limitation, but you should consider the latency of the USB driver.

We have not really characterized the maximum speed. The time it takes the Maestro to process that command should generally be a few hundreds of microseconds, but it will be affected by how much work it has to do in other areas.