Mastro Servo Controller startup


I do have a problem with my maestro. I use it to devide my 7 channel RC to split up to 12 channel that control my rc-ship, an arduino does the calculationg. I use the simple protocol, so 0xff, servo number, and then values between 0-255, that actually works very nice.

My Problem is with the startup behavior, whenever I power on my ship the servos move from 0 (position where I turned off the ship and position of my remote the moment I turn the ship on too) to 255 and back to 0. So the servos do as much movement as possible. That wouldnt matter for sound and light, but some of the servos control a bay-door and another one a lift and if I attatch them, bad things are going to happen if they move too rapidly and uncoordinated from another.

Is there any fix or workaround for this problem?

The manual says that on startup no signal is sent, but I tried one servo and gave him power without a signal, it was not moving.

Thanks for all answers in advande, regards.


The Maestro should not be moving the servos on start up as you describe, unless it is commanded to do so. Could you try simplifying your setup down to one servo and post the shortest complete version of your program that demonstrates the issue?