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Master and Multiple Slaves

If anyone is interested, I’ve posted up my Master/Slave code for the Wixel. These apps use the packet addressing feature of the TI chip to implement a round robin type protocol to control up to 64 slaves with each slave controlling up to 6 servos. It also supports 3 analog inputs back to the master from each slave. I’ve posted the source and exes in a zip file, apologies for not doing a git thing or similar but I made changes to some of the libraries and include files in the SDK (and forgot exactly where and what) so I just figured it would be best to grab an image.

Originally I was trying to come up with something I could do commercially to control large scale garden trains with my Raspberry Pi but it didn’t work out well on two fronts. It turns out I can control turnouts and stationary things quite well but I don’t trust controlling locomotives with it- mostly because of the somewhat limited range. Plus there are FCC issues if you want to sell Wixels with custom apps in them. So this has been sitting on the shelf for many months now. Rather than just throw it out I figured I would post everything up including the UI html5/raspberry pi/server code and some links and stuff and move on to Plan B.

Anyhow, I hope it’s useful to someone.

You can find it here:


Hello, Martan.

Thanks for sharing this! I have added it to the Wixel Apps post and plan to write about it on our blog.