Making the Pololu QTR arduino library work

Hope to save some folks the same grief that I went through…

When you unzip the library, you need to have the PololuQTRSensors directory IN your hardware/libraries directory not in the sub directory as it unzips! (That was about 6 hours of trying different things) If not you will get the error: cannot find file or directory PololuQTRSensors.h

Next, there is some sloppy definitions when you instantiate the sensors ie. as per the instructions:
PololuQTRSensorsRC qtr((char[]) {14, 15, 16}, 3);
it should instead be:
PololuQTRSensorsRC qtr((unsigned char[]) {14, 15, 16}, 3);

Now everything seems to work as advertised.