MaestroControlCenter USBLIB 1.0

I am trying to use MaestroControlCenter with the current version of Gentoo. What I get is the MaestroControlCenter pops up a message saying that it could not fine the usblib 1.0. According to Gentoo the current lib that is installed is 1.0.19. Is there source code shrouded or not that I could compile against a more recent version of the usblib. I had this all working about a year ago but moving forward with linux but MaestroControlCenter has not been updated since 2010. Please correct me if there is a more recent version.


It sounds like you are talking about libusb, which is what the Maestro Control Center uses; not “usblib”. Can you post screenshots of the error message and the window stating that your OS is using libusb 1.0.19?

Also, we do not release the source code for the Maestro Control Center, but libusb 1.0.19 should work with your current version of the control center. We do have a newer version of the control center for Linux, which you can download from the “Installing Linux Drivers and Software” section of the Maestro user’s guide.

- Amanda