Maestro XML Schema


The maestro settings file looks xml to me. Can I trouble the admins for the schema? It sure would save me a great deal of trial and error. Thanks.

The Maestro settings file is XML, but we don’t have a schema for it. You can see the C# source code for reading and writing a Maestro settings file if you download the Pololu USB SDK and look in Maestro/Usc/ConfigurationFile.cs.

What are you trying to do?


No worries, I just thought to ask. I have familiarized myself with ConfigurationFile.cs as well as the other files in the SDK relating to the Maestro. What I am inching toward is a Maestro driver based on JSR-80 and see no reason to reinvent the settings file format. It looks like I can add elements and add attributes to existing elements and it will not affect ConfigurationFile.