Maestro what size potentiometer

I want to use 3 potentiometers on a Maestro 12 to control the speed of 3 modified continuous rotation servos. I will also have a button which starts the program. My question since my understanding of electronics falls into the just enough knowledge to be dangerous. What ohm value and wattage would you suggest would work best. I’m looking at a 5kOhm 80mW would that be sufficient on both counts or do I need higher watts or be better with 10kOhm since I will have 3?


Your 5k ohm potentiometer should be fine for this application. Using Ohm’s law and electrical power formulas, your potentiometer will dissipate around 5 mW, if you are connecting it as shown in the Maestro user’s guide under the “Attaching Servos and Peripherals” section.

- Zeeshan