Maestro UsbWrapper memory leak in getConnectedDevices()?

We’re using the sample Usc.cs with USBWrapper dated 6/30/2011 and as part of our main polling we are regularly calling Usc.getConnectedDevices/90 in order to detect disconnects & reconnects.

We’ve found by doing that, there seems to be a memory clean, and that memory leak every time we call Usc.getConnectedDevices(). We’ve currently slowed down how often we check the devices, but since the program needs to run non-stop for days at a time, we still have excess restarts we have to do to free up out memory.

Has anyone else seen a problem like this, have a work around or fix?



Please try using the new version of the Pololu USB SDK that we released today, with UsbWrapper The memory leaks from version should be fixed now.