Maestro USB port for power

I’m using a Maestro micro controller (6 pin). I’m using it in stand-alone mode, with a script automatically starting on power-up (it’s looking for a trigger to start the routine). All is fine when I either hook it up to a PC or use the VIN and GND pins to provide processor power. However, if I try to provide processor power through the mini-USB connector using a 5V power supply, rather than having a PC plugged in, it doesn’t work. Is this by design (if so, any way around it?) or is there a problem with my controller?


I suspect your power supply is not sending any data packets on the USB data lines, so the Maestro treats it as a sleeping computer. When the Maestro is receiving power via USB from a computer and the computer goes to sleep, then by default the Maestro will go to sleep and stop sending servo pulses. To prevent the Maestro from going to sleep, you can enable Never sleep (ignore USB suspend) option in the Serial Settings tab of the Maestro Control Center. Additional information on this can be found in then “Wiring Examples” section of the Maestro user’s guide.