Maestro servo controller with adafruit circuit python

Has anyone converted the maestro class for raspberry pi in python to circuit python so it could be used with the adafruit feather microcontrollers? If not could someone do it? This would be a great combination for the adafruit circuit python controllers.

Any python or circuit python programmers out there that have any suggestions for porting the Maestro PY module to circuit python?


We are not familiar with CircuitPython, so we cannot offer much advice. You should consider posting on Adafruit’s CircuitPython and MicroPython forum.

- Amanda

Thanks Amanda. Adafruit pointed me to you. The micropython forum pointed me to Adafruit. I would think that someone could take the Maestro PY module for python and modify it for micropython or circuit python.
I’m not a programmer, but I would love to use your board with the Adafruit feather microcontroller using circuit python and not a raspberry pi. I know you have the Arduino module for the Maestro and I can use that on the feather microcontroller running arduino code. Just wanted to use circuit python.
Doesn’t look like anyone can help with this. I’d even be willing to pay someone a reasonable price to make it happen.