Maestro Servo Controller USB input?

Hi folks, I am new to this but have a burning project I need to complete and would appreciate some help pointing me in the right direction??? I am looking at the Maestro 24 Channel Servo Controller and need to know is there a way to input a USB graphics tablet to have 3 servos replicate an image traced on the tablet to a laser pointer attached to the Z servo???
I have asked several forums and no one has given me a definative answer??? Thanks in advance Mark

Hello, Mark.

Yes, the Maestro could be part of your project, but only a small part. There is no way to directly connect a USB device to a Maestro. Instead you should connect both the Maestro and the tablet to a computer and write some software on the computer to read information from the table and send commands to the servos. There is more information in the “Writing PC Software to Control the Maestro” section of the Maestro User’s Guide.