Maestro servo controller serial comunication


I’ve just linked to the mini maestro 24 channel board an Arduino UNO to make arduino send commands via the serial protocol.

I found on the web this command for SSC-32 boards:

Serial.println ("#0 P680 #3 P2013 #4 P1500 #11 P1500 #12 P2013 #15 P680 T800" )

It makes multiple servos move so that they arrive in the desired position at the same time, so at different speed. Is there a similar command for the mini maestro?

Thank you in advance.

Hello. Unfortunately, the Maestro does not have a command like that. You could get the same effect if you know where the servo currently is and you use that to calculate what speed it needs to move. The speeds of the servos can be set over serial using the Set Speed serial command, which is documented in the Maestro User’s Guide.