Maestro Servo Controller for Speakers?

Is it possible to use the 6-channel micro maestro servo controller to control a speaker?

Specifically… I already have Windows PC software giving commands to a micro maestro via USB to control servos. I’d like to have the same software use the same USB connection to send commands to the same micro maestro that go to a speaker instead of a servo (presumably using the “general I/O” features of the controller). The PC would do all the decoding of the audio file (mp3, wmv, etc.) before sending commands to the micro maestro.

Is this even possible? If so, any ideas for how I might do it?



I do not think it is practical to get a clear audio signal through a Maestro. The minimum sample rate required to make your audio sound OK will be around 10,000 samples per second, and it will be very difficult for you to reliably send data at that kind of rate to the Maestro because the Maestro’s USB interface was not designed for it. You can make some tones or sequences like a buzzer, but much beyond that is unlikely.