Maestro - servo control from the computer COM port

I have a application created in delphi to send and receive data from a COM port. Program works with Arduino. I want to send commands from the program to control the servo position by the Mini Maestro Controller. In Pololu Maestro Control Center in Serial Mode I have set USB Dual Port. According to the instructions I have this script in Maestro :

sub wait_for_movement_to_end
begin get_moving_state while repeat

The computer detects the maestro as COM4 and COM5 ports:

  • Pololu Mini Maestro 18-Channel USB Servo Controller Command Port (COM4)
  • Pololu Mini Maestro 18-Channel USB Servo Controller TTL Port (COM5)

What command do I need to send by COM Port to correct sevo 0 position? I can not deal with it in any way.
When I send commands from the user’s manual it does not work

  • 0xAA
  • 0x0C
  • 0x04
  • 0x00
  • 0x20
  • 0x1F

Please help me.

this works thanks this
Please delete

I noticed you edited your post to say that you got things working - that is great!

In general, we prefer that forum users neither delete their posts nor edit their posts to remove content since the troubleshooting can serve as a resource for anyone else that might have a similar issue. Accordingly, we do not plan to delete your post.