Maestro Scripting Language origins


This is just a general question, and may touch on your IP, but I’ve noticed that your Maestro Scripting language look an awful lot like the Forth programming language. Was that the origin of the scripting language? If so there are several AVR Forths available, which one did you end up using.



Hello Bruce,

The Maestro Scripting Language is inspired by FORTH, but it is not actually a kind of FORTH, since it lacks major features like an interactive interpreter. Also, the microcontroller is not an AVR, but in any case we did not choose an existing compiler because we wanted something extremely lightweight. When creating the language we did try to incorporate as many of the standard FORTH commands as possible, so it should work mostly as you would expect.

By the way, you can explore the compiled bytecode and learn about how the language works by clicking the “View Compiled Code…” button on your script. I would be happy to hear any feedback or other questions about the language!