Maestro pdf error p33 and p62?

Paul and All–

I am a new Maestro user. I THINK there is an issue with the maestro.pdf: The lower left text block on page 33 is over-typed as is the lower left text block on page 62 . . . or it could be a problem on my end (nah!).

Is there a corrected version I’ve missed? Or, if it IS my problem, would you please post the two text blocks mentioned above?




Sorry about the problem with the PDF. We will get that corrected soon! The text should read as follows:



Thank you very much!

I am a rank servo-newbie, so that little piece of text is (was) important to me. I am now deeply engaged in the servo blog.


Hello, Bill,

By the way, that user’s guide is also available in the form of a web document on our site, which you might find easier to navigate.

- Kevin