Maestro Mini controllers sequence question

I’ve been using the 18 channel maestro mini controller to set up for a project which involves driving a few irk 21v3 driver boards. The jrks are set for pulse width input and are using a 37mm motor and a feedback potentiometer connected to the output shaft. I am running these motors quite slowly using the speed settings on the maestro at anywhere from 1 to 20 (very slow movement). The multiple “servos” are not all running at the same speed or accel. settings but still all of them are running slowly making different moves. I set up different motion profiles using the status tab and save frame button. In all the “frames”, all the servos have different targets and are running at different speeds and accelerations, so some of the servos reach their targets quicker and some much slower. I also noticed that the maestro has the capability (using serial command) of reporting whether or not any of the servos are in motion, so this is why I am asking this question. Instead of using the duration setting of a particular frame, can the next sequence be loaded after the last servo move has been completed? (when the last blue dot stops moving reaching it’s target turning green). I know I could time each and every sequence and then enter that in the duration setting, but we’re dealing with many ever changing sequences.

I also want to let you know that after testing several servo controllers for my project, the Pololu maestro has by far the best and smoothest pulse width outputs I have come across. I am driving the motors quite slowly in several revolutions spread across the pulse width range, using very slow speeds and accelerations and my motors are moving smoothly and accurately for this type of setup. Once the jrks pids are tuned properly, I can say that the motion I am getting is nothing less than amazing!!! Before testing the maestro, I was almost forced to redesign my setup using traditional brushed dc servo motors with encoder feedback and appropriate amps, making this project cost prohibitive. I can’t thank you enough!!! New Pololu Fan! :smiley:


There is no direct way to have the sequencer wait for the last servo to finish moving before loading the next sequence. However, you can use the “Copy all Sequences to Script” button and write a script that uses the “get_moving_state” command to do a check between calling the subroutines for the sequences. This command returns true if any servos are still moving. If you have not done any scripting with the Maestro yet, the “Command Reference” section of the user’s guide is very helpful. If you give it a try and cannot seem to get it working correctly, you can post your script, and I will take a look at it.

Thank you for your feedback; I am glad that you have had a positive experience with our products, and I appreciate you taking the time to let us know. Welcome to our forum!