Maestro Mini 6 loses connection when connecting a Savox SW-0250MG

I am using a Traxxis 2080 servo with no problems. However, when I connect a Savox SW-0250MG the connection from the control interface is instantly lost and when I try reconnecting I get an error message, can not get firmware version… error 0X1f. The script continues to run though. I have 12 Volts connected to VCC and I connect the on board 5 volts to the servo power pin.

Any ideas??

To be clear, I am powering the Maestro via USB. I am not powering it with 12 Volts via VCC in parallel. Also, when I disconnect the Savox servo I am instantly able to connect to the servo via the Meastro controller.


The 5V pin on the Maestro cannot source enough current for most servos. Additionally, the USB port on your computer is not intended for heavy current draw. You should try powering your servo from a separate power source (at whatever voltage the servo is intended for). If that does not help, can you post some pictures of your setup showing all of your connections?


Thank you Derrill! I thought that may be the issue and provided a separate 5 volt supply for the servos. Problem solved!