Maestro Micro Servo Controller - Connecting DC motors


My first post - please be gentle!

Have bought a Maestro Micro Servo Controller to replace a circuit in my robotic arm project as it was not working particularly well :wink:

The arm has 5 DC motors, rather than steppers and was hoping to use this controller to switch the motors on and off (also invert polarity to move motors in the opposite direction.)

Is this possible? Have consulted the manual and there is a digital output rather than an analog output (for variable servo speed control)

Have connected the battery pack and the motor connections to the power and ground pins (leaving the signal connectors open.)

The motors just seem to be permanently on and only in the positive direction.

Is there anything I am missing or do I need different hardware for this project (i.e. a pure dc motor control)

Hope someone can help!




RC hobby servos are very different from DC motors–they have their own built-in motor controllers that respond to signals RC hobby servo pulses, which can come from sources like an RC receiver, microcontroller, or servo controller–so they cannot be controlled directly from a servo controller. All you are doing when you connect them the way you describe is connecting your motor leads directly to your battery.

You will need a motor controller to control the speed and direction of your DC motors.

- Ben