Maestro library for Msp432

Hi, I am new to the forum.
I am new to coding for TI MSP432.
I have been using the Arduino library to control linear servos on Arduino Uno.
Now I have to port code to the MSP432 for a project requirement.
I found that the SoftwareSerial library only works with boards 8, 16 and 20Mhz, being the MSP432 a 48mhz board.

Was wondering If any here had a similar problem, and if someone can point me on the direction to maybe migrate the code.


Hello, René.

We do not have any suggestions on how you might go about doing that and do not know of others who have tried. Is there a particular reason why you are not using one of the four UARTs on your TI MSP432 board?

- Amanda

Hi Amanda, thanks for your quick response, it lead my to solve my problem.
I’ve been looking into. I was able to use the pololu library on the msp432 by defining maestroSerial as Serial1 using energia IDE, and using its corresponding port 3 pin 3(P3_3 tx) to control my servos.

Thank you again