Maestro device driver compatible with Windows CE6.0?

Hi - I’m considering a Micro Maestro servo controller for my project, and just wondered if the drivers that ship with it are compatible with Windows CE 6.0? And if so, are there any issues with trying to install/use these drivers?

Any responses will be gratefully received!

Unfortunately, the Maestro drivers are not compatible with Windows CE. The Maestro drivers rely on winusb.sys and usbser.sys, and as far as we know neither of those are available on Windows CE.


Thanks for the response.

I’ve found an example of someone interfacing with a Pololu Servo Controller using its serial interface:

The example uses C# and only requires System.IO.Ports which should work fine in CE 6.0… I’ll give it a go.



Like David said, you also need usbser.sys to be installed. As far as we know, the USB-serial interface simply will not work in Windows CE, and there is no easy way to make it work. If you want to use that example, you will need to get a separate USB-to-TTL-serial converter and physically wire it to the UART interface on the Maestro.