Maestro control software and trim

is there a Trim function in this software ? anyone have a version that has trim ?



What kind of trim functionality are you looking for? You can adjust the maximum and minimum pulse widths for each servo channel in the “Channel Settings” tab of the Maestro Control Center. If that does not help, could you describe what you are trying to do?


A trim like on a handheld transmitter on a RC car to center the steering or servo


The Maestro does not have a trim feature like that of a handheld transmitter. But it does not need one since there is no real need to center the signal you can send with the Maestro like there is on handheld transmitters. You can just specify exactly what RC servo pulse you want to send.

It is not entirely clear to me if you are using a continuous rotation servo or a standard servo. If you are using a continuous rotation servo, you should first figure out the range of pulses that are in its dead zone, and then send a servo pulse from the Maestro that is within that range. If you do not have the datasheet for your servos, or if you are not sure how to do that, you can use the sliders under the “Status” tab of the Maestro Control Center to get a good idea of that range. Start by setting a low Target (i.e. 1200ms should be okay) and gradually move the slider to the right until the servo stops moving. Take note of the Target, then continue moving the slider to the right until the servo starts moving again. The dead zone is the range of pulses that the servo was not moving.

There are no dead zones for standard servos, but you could still use the Maestro Control Center and the sliders under the “Status” tab to move the servo into a position that you want to identify as the center of your steering linkage.


Thanks John ! , can the Maestro control software you provide be modified ? and used as open source code ? -I.E. used in a product

Also I will need to hire someone to program the Maestro software and a nRF24l01 module , can I post a job listing in this forum ?? If not where would you suggest I look. :smiley:

Hi , from what I read in the SDK it is a open source type software , Can we modify the control S/W to fit our needs and use it in a product ?

Also I will need to hire a software programmer for the Maestro controller and for a nRF24L01 wireless module , can I post in this forum for that ? or is there another forum section I should use ?

We do not release the source code of the Maestro Control Center. However, you can use our Pololu USB SDK to write your own open source control software.

As for your other question, you might try posting in the General Robotics Discussion part of our forum, though you might have better luck with other sites like Craiglist. (Also, I merged your new topic to this thread, since it was basically the same set of questions.)


Ok thanks Jonathan , thats what I needed to know