Maestro control of continuous operation servos

Excuse my ignorance, but I am new to this. I am developing a project with about 14 servos, several of which need to be “continuous turning” type servos, During the program, the continuous turning servos will be started and stopped for various periods. I am on the point of buying a maestro control for this project. Will the maestro hardware and software allow me to do this. Thanks;


Yes, the Maestro servo controllers can control continuous rotation servos. Keep in mind that with continuous rotation servos you can only control the speed and direction of turning, not the position of the servo horn. Have you seen Jan’s blog post about continuous rotation servos?

- Ryan

Thanks. I have started looking at the extensive RESOURCES sections and am finding answers to questions I have yet to ask!!!
I am building an automat and now have the confidence to start buying hardware. Thanks again

Thank you for the kind words, and good luck with your project!

- Ryan