Maestro as Servo Filter?

I’ve got two projects I’m in the middle of, both of which may benefit from the use of one of your Maestro servo controllers. Most of my questions about one of the projects was already answered in an earlier thread, but I haven’t seen this one specifically mentioned:

I know a Maestro can respond to digital and analog input. But can it respond to a PCM input similar to what an RC servo uses?

Here’s where I see this being useful: I’ve got two RC systems I’d like to tweak. The first suffers from noise. I’d like to use the Maestro to filter the PCM signals coming out of my Rx, and send cleaned up signals to the servos. In essence I want the Maestro to act as a go-between and reject spurious glitches.

The second is a fairly clean system using a 2.4GHz radio. But it lacks two things the Maestro can provide: First, the Maestro does accelerated/decelerated moves. This is for a camera platform, so having smooth motion is a huge plus. Second, it has much more flexible endpoint adjustment than any dedicated RC gear I’ve ever used. It would be nice to be able to set the endpoints on one of the servos to cover as much of 180 degrees as I can, rather than the fairly piddly 90 degrees my RC gear provides.

Both of these would require that the Maestro be able to take a PCM input, do some… thing… with it, and then generate a PCM servo signal as an output.

I’ve got a MiniMaestro in-hand, but haven’t had a chance to play with this yet. So bear with me if this is a straightforward “yes” or “no”. I’m coming at it cold.



Hi, Tom.

Unfortunately, no. The Maestro does not support RC inputs.

- Ryan

Shoot. Ah well. I had to ask.

If you guys ever do kick around the idea of servo inputs in future revisions of the Maestro boards, though, chalk me up as an interested customer. One of the big strong points with the Maestro boards is the ability to put in acceleration values on an axis-by-axis basis. Being able to apply this to projects that have RC input would be a real boon.