Maestro as a PLC?

Dear all, I am new to Maestro servo controllers and I have a Micro 6-channel one.

My goal is to use the Maestro as a PLC and perform some actions based on the an AC current reading on one of the inputs.

I was wondering, can an AC current sensor be attached to an input channel? What kind of output should an AC current sensor (like a clamp transformer maybe)? Has anyone done anything like that?

thanks so much!


The input pins on the 6-channel Maestro can be configured as analog inputs with a 0 to 5V range. You should be able to use any current sensor that outputs an analog signal like one of our current sensors. However, depending on what type of processing you want to do on the current readings, you might want to use a microcontroller. The types of operations the Maestro scripting language can do are limited, and it might be very difficult to do some types of signal processing.

- Grant