Maestro 'Apply Settings' button erases speed and acceleration values

Really enjoying the Mini Maesto devices. We have been using them recently in some automatons.

The problem I am having is that when I set specific speeds and acceleration settings for each servo channel in the Status tab, then hit Apply Settings, those settings are erased.

I have an 18 channel controller running on Windows 10.

Can you help?


I am glad you like the Maestro controllers!

There are two places within the Maestro Control Center where the speed and acceleration settings can be changed, and each functions slightly differently. In the “Channel Settings” tab, you can set the speed and acceleration values (as well as a few other configuration settings) for each channel. The settings configured in this tab will be saved on the Maestro’s EEPROM and be applied each time the Maestro is reset or power cycled. In the “Status” tab, when the speed or acceleration is changed, it will only affect the current session; once the Maestro is reset or power cycled, the settings will be reverted to those configured in the “Channel Settings” tab.