Maestro 6ch - turning off power using some command

hi all,
is it possible to cut the output power on any of the channels or those other output 5V contacts using some command?


If you configure a channel as an “output”, you can set the channel’s signal line to be high or low. You cannot turn off the power to a servo using the Maestro. Which one did you want to do?


Another thing you can do is tell the Maestro to stop sending pulses to a servo by settings it Target to 0 with a serial command or unchecking “Enable” in the Maestro Control Center’s status tab. Typical servos will stop driving their motor when they stop receiving pulses, so they might consume less power.


Actually I am going to connect laser to those pins and turn it on/off when needed. Using signal pin would not be possible in this case or is it?

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An output pin can supply a few mA. If your laser connect needs more than that, you will not be able to control/power it from the Maestro. However, a simple transistor circuit could probably help you get a lot more power than that, depending on what you need to do.