Maestro 6 with A4983 Stepper Motor Driver speed issue

Hi all!
I got a question about a Maestro 6 and a A4983 Stepper Motor Driver Carrier.
I’m trying to send the steps to A4983 Stepper Motor Driver via the maestro which is configured as an output.
So far it works fine but I have an issue with the speed?!
I made 2 frames on the maestro with duration of 1ms where I switch the output on and off.
The lowest time I could reach was 1 revolution in about 16 seconds.
The motor is a standard bipolar motor with a stepsize of 1.8° which shouldn’t be changed.

Is there a possibility to increase the speed?

I’m looking forward to your feedback.


First of all, what step size are you using?

The sequences are timed by the Maestro Control Center, so the speed is probably limited by the graphics and by Windows to a few milliseconds per frame at best. In general, if you want high-speed output control, you should write your own software to run directly on a microcontroller. You could start by using the Maestro scripting language, which should help you get down to millisecond steps.


Hello Paul!
Thank you for your fast reply.
You are right regarding the speed.
I was able to increase the speed dramatically by writing the script to the controller.
In my project the stepper motor should work togehter with software on the pc, so unfortunatelly the script in the controller helps only temporarly.
Do you know a better solution than the maestro or is there a possibility to increase the speed even with the pc.



If you are writing your own PC software, you should be able to get it somewhat faster. I recommend reading the suggestions about writing PC software in the User’s Guide.


Thank you very much for you help!