Maestro 6 Channel USB Servo not working on Ubuntu 12.04


following the instructions on how to get the controller running, controller can operate a servo on Ubuntu 11.04.
But the same procedure ( using maestro linux Control Center ) is detecting the maestro, but the attached servos are not moving. Tested on 2 different laptops, both with Ubuntu 12.04 64bit.

same configuration on <12.04 is working.

any idea what could be wrong here? sending commands via python script also gives no reaction on the servos? i’m guessing something on 12.04 is “weird”. Anyone having the same problem?

thx a lot,

Hello, Walter.

I am sorry you are having trouble with the Maestro. How are you powering the servos? What Serial Mode is the Maestro configured to be in?

Does your Python script use a virtual COM port to talk to the Maestro? What do you see if you type “ls /dev/ttyACM*” while the Maestro is plugged in? When you run your Python script, does the green LED on the Maestro blink?