Maestro 6-channel Fails with Flashing Green LED

I have a pair of servos being driven by a Maestro 6-channel controller. After power-up, it works fine for a bit, then the green LED starts flashing slowly and writes to the serial port hang. The only solution seems to be to power-cycle the controller and restart my software. The initial period of correct function lasts anywhere from almost nothing to a few minutes.

Environment is an Intel NUC running Ubuntu 1604. The controller is USB-powered and I have a dedicated power supply for the servos. Voltages look good.

Any thoughts? Thanks!

From the description of the green LED behavior, it sounds like you might be having some USB connection issues. Do you receiver any errors on the Maestro (indicated with the red LED)? Have you tried different USB ports or cables? If it is a problem with noise, using a USB cable with ferrite beads at both ends might help. Is there anything else in the system (e.g. a USB hub)? Can you post pictures showing your setup and how everything is connected?


I’ve reconfigured the wiring, and things are looking good so far. Thanks for the advice!