Maestro 6-Channel Controller - Missing Port

I have the Maestro 6-Channel USB Controller installed and setup as virtual serial command port 10 and virtual serial TTL port 11. In my VB6 application the MSCOMM ActiveX control does not recognize serial port 10 as a valid port. I have tried every serial setting in the Maestro Control Center but nothing helps. The servos work correctly in the Maestro Control Center. Is there something I’m missing?


It looks like we received a follow-up email from you that said the Maestro ports are now showing up. Is everything working properly now? If so, do you know what it was that fixed your problem?


I wish I knew what fixed the problem. I know I switched between the various Serial setting in the control center. I remember the switch I made was from UART fixed baud to Dual, I think. I got frustrated so I went back to working on my test app. The next time I ran the test app the ports showed up.