Maestro 6 ch 60000ms not in allowed range error


I’m sure i’ve been able to do this before but for some reason i’m getting an error when I try to set a time above 32767ms.

I don’t understand how a time range can be negative either??

Any ideas?



nb… I have tried this on two different pc’s btw.

Hello, Mark.

As the user’s guide for the Maestro says, the longest delay possible with the DELAY command is approximately 32 seconds. However, subroutines can be written that delay for longer periods of time; an example is given under the section “Long Delays”.

The allowed values on the Maestro stack range from -32768 and 32767 (i.e. signed 16-bit integers). The error code is not specific to the DELAY command, it’s just letting you know the value you specified is outside the allowed range. It wouldn’t make much sense to use negative values with the DELAY command; but in other cases, negative values may be needed.


Thanks Robert.