Maestro 24 used as an extra keyboard?


Can anyone reccomend software that could emulate the keys on a PC?
(maybe even emulate a joystick? 6 inputs as 6 axes…other 18 inputs as keys?)

I have a button connected to the maestro (connected to PC). i push the button and the key sequence “ctrl+t” is executed on the computer.

i know it can be done …just dont have the skills to do it.


Hello, Dan,

Unfortunately, we do not have or know of any software that would work with a Maestro to do what you are describing. If you are willing to to do some programming, you might be able to write an app for a Wixel to do something similar, using our USB HID (Human Interface Device) library to make the Wixel show up as an input device to the computer.

If you are interested in doing this, you can find more information about the library in the Wixel SDK documentation, and you can see our Wireless Tilt Mouse app for an example of how to use the library.

- Kevin