Maestro 24 to ROV

I have a Mini Maestro 24. Will it work with a Sabertooth 2X10 R/C Regenerative Dual Channel Motor Controller? I want to go from the Motor controller to my laptop and control the motor by game pad using analog commands. Will us a tether (umbillacord) to connect the laptop to the motor controllers.

Tether wire 150 foot long.


I’m not sure what sense you are asking the “will it work” question in. In general, the Maestro should work with whatever works like a servo, including the motor controller you mentioned. However, 150 feet is a long ways for the kinds of signals used for servos, so you will have to do something special to get that kind of range. The Maestro also has a USB-to-serial function built in, so if your motor controller supports a serial interface, you can get some long-range communication with some chips used to extend serial lines. For example: … ts_id=9823

- Jan

The motor controller plugs into the Maestro. The motor controller Sabertooth has a built in 5V BEC that can provide power to a microcontroller or R/C receiver. I can’t find out if motor controller supports a serial interface until to Friday. Does this help??

No, it does not help. I don’t really understand what you are trying to do and I am not even sure if you are asking a question. You will have to add some electronics of your own if you want the Maestro to be 150 feet away from your computer.

- Jan

I looked at the sabretooth when I bought the TRex. I loved that it had a BEC but I wanted the 3rd motor contol more…

Tahoeneal, I think you are asking about 4 questions when you need only ask 2. If you have the ability to make the 150 ft tether to your Laptop/Maestro, then the answer to your whole question is Yes. The Sabretooth, as with the TRex, connects up just like any other servo or ESC, the serial interface or USB (whichever Maestro you have) is not important in that sense. You should be able to control The Sabretooth simply via the Maestro Control software. The BEC will also power any other SERVOS you have on the Maestro servo bus from the battery you hook to the Sabretooth without any other modification.

If you are looking to power the Maestro PROCESSOR from that same BEC, then you need to look at the “Single Power Source” section in your Maestro manual on how to set that up. I would recommend getting a “Y” servo cable for the jumper so you dont actually modify the Sabretooth cable.