Maestro 24 Servo Controller servos moving without command

Hello, I’m fairly new to servos and micro controllers and I’m having a problem. Currently i have my Maestro mini 24 Servo micro controller attached to 24 SpringRC SM-S4303R Continuous Rotation Servos. I have hooked up the power for the micro controller via a Hosa ACD-477 Universal Power Adapter connected to a ac to dc plug which then runs to the power terminal of the controller. my problem is when i plug the power source into the wall outlet random servos turn on and wont stop spinning until i unplug the power source. this problem only occurs when i have around 8 or more servos plugged into the controller though it sometimes varies a bit. any less than that and it works fine. I’m only using the real time controls via the status tab with the maestro command center and even when the micro controller isn’t also plugged into my computer if i plug in the power source the motors with turn on. I’m wondering if anyone may know what is causing this problem and any suggestions on how to fix it. (I’ve also tested the controller on several different voltages from 3 to around 7.5 and this problem occurs at all of them)

Thank you


It sounds like you have a power issue. As a general rule, your power supply should be able to handle at least 1 A for each servo you have connected.