Maestro 24 servo controller "not connected" SOLVED


I’m new to this forum, and work as a model maker. (many many years ago I considered myself a “techie” in terms of electronics and working in IT but that sadly was in the days things like Windows was still a new concept in computing so this may be somewhat of a rookie question!)

I recently ordered the maestro 24 to use as a servo controller in a future animatronic puppet project. At the time it arrived in the post I knew I’d be busy for a few weeks and was still waiting on the power supply and servos themselves to arrive mail order so just quickly plugged the board in to the usb on my PC to check the software would recognise its existence and it seemed fine coming up with the serial number and showing the 24 channels on screen.

A month later with time to start on this project and with usb, servos and power supply connected the software won’t recognise the existence of the board, won’t give me the option of the serial number to tell it to look for it or manually connect, and it slowly flashes a yellow LED at me which the manual suggests is something to do with being reset by a low voltage on RST… I admit I don’t really know what this means or how to resolve it. However as all I’ve done is screw two power leads into the + and - terminals on the maestro I’m not sure if this is a problem with my power supply, with my understanding or is some sort of problem that may have pre-existed at the time the maestro was shipped to me. (I don’t recall if it was flashing the orange LED at the time I first plugged it in to the PC a month ago or if that has only occurred once the additional power supply was connected)

If I plug the maestro back into the PC without the separate 6V power supply the PC then recognises it but still flashes the orange light at me and clearly this won’t allow me to control servos if there isn’t power for them to actually move.

Any ideas about how to resolve this and “un-reset” the maestro. Logic suggests I should probably try different power supplies or just cheap batteries but I thought I’d ask here before ordering more parts as the power supply I’ve got is in theory a decent and expensive mains powered regulated 6v transformer (well 5-15V set to 6v)

many thanks


Turns out to be the most common problem with all electronics - user incompetence - I forgot to remove the jumper that tells the maestro to run off the power supply rather than USB and this was causing a conflict. Still flashes the yellow LED at me but works fine otherwise.


I am glad you found the problem and were able to fix it; thank you for letting us know.

By the way, on a reset condition, the yellow LED on the Maestro should blink 4 times; if yours is blinking for longer than that, it sounds like it is showing the normal behavior described in the third bullet point in the “Indicator LEDs” section of the Maestro controller’s user’s guide.

Good luck with your project!